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Roma Saleyards

Roma Saleyards The biggest cattle selling centre in Australia.

Barrie Loughnan's family have been in Maranoa for over 100 years. He has owned properties, raised a family, and was the Shire Chairman and the President of the Roma/Bungil Saleyards Board until 1991.

Until he left this world in 2008, Barrie was the unofficial "Ambassador" of Roma Saleyards and on any given day you'd see him out there talking to the visitors that come from many parts of Australia and all over the world.

Barrie is one of the many characters you'll read about in this book.

And They Came
to Roma Saleyards!

This book is about people - cattlemen, truckies, buyers, agents, stockmen, tourists, school children and not forgetting the saleyard staff or the ladies in the canteen - all the people who help to create the vibe of the place that is Roma Saleyards, the Biggest Cattle Selling Centre in Australia!

People have come to Roma to trade cattle since 1860. This book captures the stories and photos of many of those who, in more recent years, have come here to do business, to learn or just have a look.


Barrie Loughan "The Ambassador" of Roma Saleyards
with Judith & Ric Teichert from Adelaide Hills

What The Readers Are Saying

Doug received the book for Fathersí Day. He started reading, chuckled and laughed, shared parts of it with me and stayed up till 10.30pm to finish it; thatís the latest my husband's been to bed for years. He really enjoyed it!
Pat Lumb, Roma.

"I have your three books; I think theyíre great. This latest one I couldnít put down; read it in one sitting. Whenís your next one?"    Robyn Lingard, Roma.

"Our 8-year-old daughter, Teal, has claimed the Saleyards book. She reads it every day, takes it to school for ďquiet readingĒ, gets Grandma to read it to her going to bed, and when she drops off to sleep, Grandma reads it. Itís a book for all ages!"    Shirley Ayers, Roma.

"Iíve read your three books; this oneís the best!"    Tony McLennan, Yuleba.

"We got home from the dinner at half past ten and John started the book and kept reading till he finished it at half past two; he reckons itís terrific!"    Enid Dearden, Roma.

"I havenít read a whole book for 25 years but with this one I sat down and read it in one go."    Joy Burns, Roma.

Cath Cocks

Cath Cocks "The Queen of the Canteen"
Her steak sandwiches are held in high regard throughout the world.

Selections from the book


Wallace Logan Wallace Logan was one of the characters who came down and bought a lot of cattle. There was conjecture about his age; some said he was over 90, others that he wasn't much more than 70. So I asked him, and this is what he said:

"I was born on 22nd June 1924, the second shortest day of the year; I never finished all I had to do that day and I've been trying to catch up ever since!"

Doug WilsonIíve never seen a memorial service for anybody at a saleyards before, but thatís what happened when Doug Wilson died.

Father Michael Cooney, a big impressive man who looked even bigger in his vestments, conducted the service on the lawn outside the canteen. There were a lot of people present and it was very moving to see all those bare heads bowed in tribute to a fella who had put so much into the yards.

G. GreerWe knocked the bull down at $6,500 and when we asked for the buyer's name the answer came back: "The Lord Jesus Christ!"

That took a while to sort out - like five hours; but if you want to know the full story .... read the book!

Norm Harland and Bobby Isles were getting cattle ready for the next day and as night fell Norm got some grog out from town and was putting a few away.

"Hang on," says Bobby. "We haven't finished the job yet, there are more cattle to shift around so go a bit steady.Ē

"If you donít leave me alone Iíll flatten ya!"

"You couldn't knock the top off a custard tart."

"Yeah, well let me tell you somethin'; watch close and you'll see some pretty good punches while your eyesight holds out!"

What The Readers Are Saying - Continued

"Very enjoyable that book; the worst thing was coming to the end."    Terry Garvey, Miles.

"Read any of the stories and you are transported back to the great atmosphere camaraderie and friendliness of the Roma Salyards. Congratulations John on yet another excellent book."    Joe & Julie Perry, Cheshire, England.

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