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What it was like to be an Agent in the old days
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More Bloody
Old Agents!

Twenty-five agents share their memories of what the agency business was like in the 40s, 50s and 60s - before bitumen roads, calculators and STD phones. Read about the long distances and late nights, but above all the fun they had and the friendships they made in the good old days.

"More Bloody Old Agents!" is similar to "Bloody Agents!" in name only!  This new book is different in that it records the early experiences of all the agents in the old days.

You'll learn:

These were the days when "a man's word was his bond", when there was loyalty and trust, when there were no bitumen roads, when there was fun in being an agent, and when lasting friendships were made with clients and workmates alike.

If you've been a Stock & Station agent, or had anything to do with them, even if you've never heard of bloody agents, you'll enjoy this one!

What The Readers Are Saying

"Your book was my No.1 bestseller over Christmas, outselling Bryce Courtney's latest release "Fishing for Stars". Congratulations, John; you've produced another good one!

Ted Dobbs, Dymocks Booksellers, Toowoomba..

"I bought the book yesterday, started reading, became thoroughly engrossed and just kept on reading. Although I knew only a few of the blokes, all the stories brought back loads of happy memories. I loved it!"    Bob Moss, Pittsworth..

"I loved the letter from the old dear who won the radio. I take it along to Happy Hour in the canteen to show all the ladies then stand back and watch the expression on their faces. It's hilarious; it's been great fun."    Bob Scarr, Balycara Retirement Village, Scarborough.

"Loved the book and enjoyed all the stories; it brought back a lot of memories for me especially of my days in Blackall in the sixties. Great read! You write very well and have put together an important bit of the history of rural Queensland. Congratulations!"    Dr Jim Baker "Lighthouse" Wallumbilla..


Selections from the book

Gerry Muller"In Brisbane, they couldn't work out how two company cars driven by responsible officers could do so much damage to each other on a wide open road in the middle of nowhere?"
Gerry Muller in Chapter 14.

car crash

Middle of nowhere!.  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce

Peter Dixon"We had a Field Day at Victoria Downs; I thought I’d be smart and got on one of the Suzukis and ended up hurtling through four strands of plain wire. Couldn’t walk for a week!"
Peter Dixon in Chapter 15.


Coming through!.  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce

John Robbins"Graeme Cox had only seen the pigs identified from behind now he was down on hands and knees in the shit trying to replicate the view that would correctly identify the owners. And he got it right too!"
John Robbins in Chapter 24.

pig pen

From Behind.  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce


A Lifetime in LonghaulAn interesting link
Retired Qantas pilot, Captain Bill Anderson, has done for "old pilots" what we did for "old agents" and collected the stories of 13 Qantas captains who all started as cadets in 1967. He has recorded their experiences in the air and on the ground over forty years and released "A Lifetime in Longhaul" in January. Anyone remotely interested in flying will enjoy their experiences.   Check it out at   www.BillAnderson747.com

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