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True stories from real people 1929 - 2005

jackaroos working

Bronco branding in the Channel Country, 1961

Bloody Jackaroos!

This book will take you on a hair raising journey from 1929 to 2005, from horse and carts to helicopters, and across the country from the Conondale Ranges around Kilcoy to Cloncurry and the Kimberleys, from Moree to Mount Isa, and from the Murray River through the Channel Country and up to the Barkly Tableland.

Along the way you'll find rough horses, plenty of spills, battered vehicles, rum drinkers, and a mouse plague; you'll learn how to milk a cow, shoe a horse, find your way in the desert, dress a sheep, paint your name on the tail of a windmill in the middle of the night, and a young lady from Yorkshire will teach you how not to ride a motorbike.

And, as with Bloody Agents! you'll find a laugh in it somewhere. As Mark Perkins says in his introduction, "It's another bloody good read!


What The Readers Are Saying

My husband, Neville, has never read anything but tractor manuals, but he read Bloody Jackaroos! from cover to cover, laughed the whole way through - then read it again and did the same!
Cath Iseppi, Highfields.

"There are a lot of good stories, real life stories, that we both thoroughly enjoyed – and we had plenty of laughs too! It’s better than the first one!"    Bob & Heather Bowen, Mitchell.

"It took me back 40 years to Dirranbandi and my days as a jillaroo; it all seemed so familiar and I thoroughly enjoyed it." Lynne Glasser, Toowoomba.

"I really enjoyed the read in fact I found it more humorous than the last one."    Char Speedy, Broadbeach.

"I’m not really a reader but I started your book when I opened the mail at 11.00am, laughed the whole way through, and finished the lot before I went to bed at 2.00am. Great stories, really enjoyable!"    Tom Finlay, Augathella.

"I’ve got a complaint about your books, both of your books: you get to the end and you want more!"    Fred Giltrow, Goondiwindi.

"I really enjoyed reading both bloody books, particularly the humour which is better understood by those of us born and bred in the country as we speak the same language."
Ron Lloyd, Albany WA

Selections from the book

Kevin BlueWell anyway, the bull put me up a tree and the tree was really only a big sucker, and I'm hanging on to this sapling and it's swaying from side to side. The bull's snortin' and goin' round and round and he's knocking the branches off. I'm up as far as I can get and there's nowhere else to go. He's frothin' at the mouth and I know he's gunna get me, and the rest of the crew are pissin' themselves laughin' ".
Charleville businessman/ grazier,Kevin "Blue the Jackaroo" Bredhauer.

Jackaroo in trouble

Blue the Jackaroo in trouble!.  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce



There was a mouse plague and Andy wrapped himself in chicken wire before going to bed which meant he needed a good slug of rum to knock himself out so he couldn’t hear the buggers rushing over the netting all night – but that was better than them running over his face.

Needing ‘to go’ in the middle of the night, he forgot where he was and ended up rolling around the floor in a thrashing tangle of legs, arms, chicken wire and squealing mice.

I’d rather be doing his cooking than his washing!

John GilfoyleGilly stood up in the irons and heaved back on the reins; the horse went faster. The fence was less than 20 yards away when he gave the horse its head and lay back in the saddle. He figured the nag would see the gate and prop at the last minute but it kept going flat out and crashed into the netting gate feet first.

The roan was flipped arse over head landing 20 feet the other side pointing back the way it came while Gilly went flying through the air for a further ten feet beyond that but was up first and sat on the horse’s head till they both stopped shaking.

full flight

The Author in full flight!  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce

John RobbinsThis day the generator wasn't going. There was no lights and it was mostly dark. Robbo raced naked into the shower, stood on a large brown, yelled out and somersaulted himself unwashed out of the bathroom.

Dick knew the snake was dead. He had killed it that afternoon and planted it in the shower. He let Robbo in there first and when he bailed out screaming, followed in behind and was cleaned up, dressed and ready for dinner early. Robbo was late.
John "Robbo" Robbins, "The Bow Park Jackaroo".

snake in shower

Robbo never liked snakes!  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce

jillarooI watch him go and say to myself; "Yes, that was a wallaby and aren't I such a clever girl for not falling off," then I look up and see the gate right smack bang there in front of me. I didn't have a chance!

The only thing I could do was lie the bike down on the floor and hope. Momentum carried us forward, one tyre actually slid under the gate. I did a fair bit of sliding too and finished up spread-eagled in a pile of arms and legs and machinery, handy to - but not quite touching - the gate, with the bike on top of me.
Jaime Marlow "The Pommy Jillaroo".

motorbike trouble

How not to ride a bike!  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce

peter gilfoyleSwinging his hoe and galloping after a little grunter, Butch whacked the pig in the arse and sent him under Sheaber's back legs. She started bucking and the stitching holding the girth strap buckle gave way.

The rider hung on to the monkey as the saddle flew skywards attached to the mare only by the crupper. The mare let fly with both hind legs, her hooves slammed into the saddle and the jackaroo was severely wounded in the family jewels.
Peter "Butch" Gilfoyle "The Tallyrand Jackaroo".

saddle problems

Severely wounded in the family jewels!  -  Cartoonist: Harry Bruce

What The Readers Are Saying - Continued

"Like a good chocolate, it’s very addictive; just couldn’t put it down, and when I got to the end I wanted to start all over again."    Doreen Fullerton, Clermont.

"A thoroughly enjoyable read and a “must have” for the bookshelf of any Aussie bushie – for those who are true blue as well as those who are simply country at heart." It’s bloody fantastic!    Hannah Martin, Ipswich.

"Congratulations on another great book. I thoroughly enjoyed the accounts of each character’s experience; the read is so good you feel you are right there in the action with the bloody jackaroos. Well done again."
Rod Turner, Roma

"This book tells the story of the Australian people, the ones that aren't represented in the Tourism brochures, the people who are the backbone of Australia, working hard to keep the country alive and growing."
Kate Edwards, Brisbane.

"I read it last night and bloody near wet me pants."    Phil Kennedy, Longreach.

"It's a smashing read, many great stories, and the cartoons - wow, what a 'bush' artist. Should sell like fresh damper out of the camp oven!"
Paul Murphy, Manilla, Philippines.

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